• Taino Indian Drum From The Region of Pinar Del Rio


    Drum from The Taino Indians of Cuba

    This drum came from one of the last indigenous tribes of Western Cuba, The Taino Indians.

    Made from a hollowed out tree trunk from a sabal palm tree.

    This drum was one of the featured attractions from the Cueva del Indio, Pinar Del Rio Cuba.

    Permission from the Government and a General was granted in order to remove it from the tourist site.

    This drum has been featured on Youtube and Tripadvisor.

    Pictures Show Drum at Tourist Site and Acquiring Drum From the Indian.

    It is one of a kind.

    Dimensions: 29" x 17"

    Small Crack in the bottom of the drum, normal due to age and tree trunk drying out overtime.

    Buyers are responsible for all shipping and handling fees.  Drum is very heavy, freight shipping may be needed depending on location.