• Spanish Colonial Virgin Mary Santos Cage Doll Bastidor, Authentic 17th Century


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    Authentic Spanish Colonial Santos Cage Doll

    This is an Authentic Spanish Colonial Santos "Cage Doll" or "Bastidor" of The Virgin Mary

    Carving is Attributed to an Unknown Wood Carver for the Franciscan Friars or the Jesuits/ and Other Officials

    This Santos is of the Blessed Virgin Mary, There are Brown Glass Eyes and the Facial Features are in Excellent Condition Except for the Nose.   There are Visible Holes in the Ears of Where Decorative Jewels or Earrings Would Have Been Worn.

    On the Bottom of the Wood Pedestal There Are Four Rectangular Indentations on the Sides of the Wood believed to be for the Circular Base that the Santos Used to Rest Upon.

    This is the Top Portion of the Santos Only, It does not come with the Base

    This piece was acquired from a very large collection of Santos Sculptures ( 13 total ), This Piece Came From Havana Cuba, The Minister of Culture Issued Documents, Papers Will Be Provided With Purchase.

    This Santos is Hand Carved Wood with Guesso and Glass Eyes

    Dimensions: 28" x 11"

    Age: Mid to Late 17th Century

    100% Authentic

    Buyer is Responsible for Shipping and Handling Fees.  This is a very old antique piece, Extra Care and Handling will be needed for Shipping to Destination.    Please Contact us For Shipping Estimates.