• Ancient Sumerian Glass Beads, Collection of 24


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    Ancient Sumerian Glass Bead Collection

    Ancient Beads, Beautiful Glass Beads, Great Collection 24 Pieces

    Mustard Yellow, Turquoise Blue and White Glass Beads, 4 Beads are Melon Beads

    They range in size from 3/4" to 1" each.

    These would make excellent pieces for any collector or jewelry maker.

    Age:800-600 BC

    *****Melon Beads were originally crafted for Sumerian Royalty. They were popular in the Etruscan period of 800-600 B.C.. These Beads were common in the Mediterranean and Western Asia but made their way along the silk route to China around 200 B.C. Ancient Melon Shaped Beads were commonly made of Glass, Metal or Gemstones.